Elisabeth Schumann: German Song

Elisabeth Schumann with Bruno Walter in London in 1947: rehearsing for a recital at the Edinburgh Festival

Towards the end of her life, Elisabeth Schumann wrote a short book about German lieder entitled German Song. It was elegantly translated from German to English by D Millar Craig and published in London in 1948 by Max Parrish and Co Limited. Beautifully produced, the book was printed by Nederlandsche Rotogravure Leiden in Holland containing 72 pages, including four colour plates and 41 black and white illustrations, and bound in colour-printed paper-covered boards. Copies are still sometimes available from second hand booksellers.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Elisabeth Schumann's death on 23 April 1952, we are re-publishing her book here in DjVu format:
German Song
The book may be downloaded by clicking on the DjVu disk icon. [Commercial distribution is not permitted.]

In order to view the book, it is necessary to install a plugin. This is obtainable from the DjVu site. The plugin works with both the Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.

Simon Holledge
23 April 02
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