The Recordings of Elisabeth Schumann

Elisabeth Schumann with the conductor Carl Alwin (her second husband) at the Abbey Road, HMV Studios, London in the 1930s

The Elisabeth Schumann Discography by Floris Juynboll and James Seddon, was published in the Record Collector, Volume 33, numbers 3/4/5 in March 1988. A shorter revised version was published in 'Elisabeth Schumann, A Biography' by Gerd Puritz, (André Deutsch, 1993, Grant & Cutler Ltd, London 1996. Neither the original or later versions included recordings re-released on compact disc (CD).
The Record Collector has kindly given us permission to publish an online edition of the discography. The original (1988 version) is presented here with annotations (in blue). This is a 'work-in-progress' which I hope will lead to a proper revised version in due course. I hope that readers (many of whom will be more knowledgeable than I about early recordings) will point out corrections and suggest amendments.
Discographies are almost always confusing. I have tried to make the online version easier to understand by using two colours (red and black). The Juynboll & Seddon discography numbers are given in red. The original was of course in one colour (black). Nevertheless the discography is still far from ideally formatted after the conversion. I welcome comments.
Elisabeth Schumann Discography by Floris Juynboll and James Seddon
Rather than add a section for recordings on CD, I have made a new page: Elisabeth Schumann on CD.
Simon Holledge
23 April 02
The Elisabeth Schumann Website would like to thank Michael Richter for his assistance with this project.